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Overview of Tianjin


Tianjin, which is located at the center of Bohai Bay, is an important portal city in northern China, with a total area of 11,919.7 square kilometers and permanent residents of 11.15 million by the end of 2007.
As one of the service outsourcing base cities under the authorization of the Ministry of Commerce, Tianjin has lots of advantages in developing the outsourcing industry. It not only boasts a natural harbor and a favorable development environment, but also possesses an edge and potential in human resources, infrastructure and general business cost.


Service outsourcing industry in Tianjin








Goal of service outsourcing development in Tianjin


During the period of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, Tianjin has given priority to the development of service outsourcing and will concentrate on the establishment of a service outsourcing convergence zone with industrial groups and with distinctive features. It will also introduce a series of large-size outsourcing enterprises in and out of China and nurture a group of local key outsourcing enterprises which have proprietary intellectual property rights and brands. The concrete development goals are as follows: 
First, in 2010, the total value of service outsourcing should reach 30 billion yuan with service outsourcing export being 1.5 billion dollars.
Second, attract 1200 domestic and foreign companies to set up service outsourcing companies in Tianjin, 70 of which should have CMM I / CMM3 certificate or above and 30 of which should have CMM 5 / CMM I 5 certificate.
Third, cultivate one or two enterprises with over ten thousand employees and 50 enterprises with one thousand employees.
Fourth, provide trainings to 120,000 college students and create 140,000 more job positions in service outsourcing sector. 
Fifth, in 2010, about 100,000 college students will be employed in Tianjin and more than 160,000 people will work for the service outsourcing industry.


Preferential policies of  Tianjin Government to encourage service outsourcing


As an authorized service outsourcing base city, Tianjin has formulated a series of preferential policies in land use, taxation, and talents introduction. In March 2007, Tianjin promulgated the following policies: Opinions on Tianjin Promoting Service Outsourcing Development, Provisional Regulations on Promoting Development of Service Outsourcing in Tianjin Economic Development Zone, Methods on Awarding Investment in Huayuan Industrial Park (outside the ring) by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park, Preferential Taxation Policies for Development of Software Industry and Integrated Circuit Industry, Notice by the Tianjin Government on Accelerating Development of Software Industry, and Guideline for Development of Service Outsourcing Industry in the Free Trade Zone.
In 2008, Tianjin formulated more policies such as Implementation Methods on Promoting Development of Service Outsourcing in Tianjin, Incentives for Accelerating Development of Software and Service Outsourcing Industries in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park, Regulations on Promoting Development of Service Outsourcing in Tianjin Economic Development Zone so as to provide support for sourcing companies in taxation, finance, training, labor and innovation.








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